One of the three operational core processes within logistics - handling.

According to your respective needs and requirements, we unload, store, warehouse, retrieve, commission, repackage/repackage, label your goods and products and carry out product-related quality controls on request.

Our service times are based on your individual material output, production and delivery times to your customers. This means that we are very happy to be at your disposal in one, two or even three shifts.

Our factory/warehouse shuttle services, insofar as they concern stocking, are also available to you on public holidays and at weekends. However, this is subject to the necessary Sunday and holiday transport permits.

In addition to the individually adapted surface parameters and shelf technology, we also provide you with the most modern, i.e. electrically driven and electronically monitored material flow and conveyor technology for goods handling.

We carry out the electronic administration of handling and inventory quantities, slot management and performance reports in our warehouse management system. On request, we also post in your own WMS systems and exchange corresponding data records at defined transfer times.

Our goal in the handling sector: maximum use of automation - precise process definitions (quality/performance) - high proportion of electronic communication options - constant process monitoring = high quality!

Operative Standard-Leistungen Handling/Umschlag: