Logistical services


One of the three operational core processes within logistics - handling.

According to your respective needs and requirements, we unload, store, warehouse, retrieve, commission, repackage/repackage, label your goods and products and carry out product-related quality controls on request.

Our service times are based on your individual material output, production and delivery times to your customers. This means that we are very happy to be at your disposal in one, two or even three shifts.

Our factory/warehouse shuttle services, insofar as they concern stocking, are also available to you on public holidays and at weekends. However, this is subject to the necessary Sunday and holiday transport permits.

In addition to the individually adapted surface parameters and shelf technology, we also provide you with the most modern, i.e. electrically driven and electronically monitored material flow and conveyor technology for goods handling.

We carry out the electronic administration of handling and inventory quantities, slot management and performance reports in our warehouse management system. On request, we also post in your own WMS systems and exchange corresponding data records at defined transfer times.

Our goal in the handling sector: maximum use of automation - precise process definitions (quality/performance) - high proportion of electronic communication options - constant process monitoring = high quality!

Operative Standard-Leistungen Handling/Umschlag:

  • Product handling (loading/unloading) / cross-docking
  • Changing the loading equipment
  • Dock/Yard Management
  • Visual and piece number based WE controls
  • Putaway (according to appropriate storage strategy)
  • Systemic inventory management
  • Electronic loading equipment management
  • Full Pallet Picking
  • Single step picking
  • Visual and piece number based WA controls
  • Vehicle and cargo space checks before loading begins
  • Loading of goods and products
  • Load securing check according to product-specific requirements
  • Departure protocols and documentation
  • Monthly quality and performance reports
  • Inventories, p.a. 1x cost-neutral


Warehouse logistics include handling, cross-docking, etc. as well as efficient picking of your goods and products.

This means that we carry out full pallet, single or two-stage picking from your existing range of goods at your request.

The picking performance here requires optimized product placement in the warehouse and compatibility of the picking items.

Agreed or regulated cut-off times create an essential basis for a high quality and constant picking performance.

The choice of picking method and strategy is made in consultation with you, the customer.

We offer the following commissioning services:

  • 1-step picking (classic method based on article number, quantity and storage location)
  • 2-step picking (by means of handheld computer + warehouse management system)
  • Provision of load carriers in exchange procedure
  • Provision of cardboard boxes, foils and parcel bands (invoicing according to expenditure)
  • Weighing of shipping units
  • Labelling / labelling of shipping units
  • Disposition of the transport service provider
  • Delivery note creation
  • Invoicing
  • Provision / loading to CEP system services / LTL carriers
  • Record picking performance and quality


RMD Logistics offers optimally coordinated logistics services for e-commerce, merchandise and advertising material. Healthy medium-sized structures, high-performance IT concepts, more than 30 years of experience in providing turnkey fulfillment solutions and more than 350 employees form the basis for this.

The range of services includes modular and customizable modules for goods receipt, warehousing, picking, shipping and returns processing.
Comprehensive services in the areas of data management, packaging, customs and transport as well as quality control round off the offer.

We offer fulfillment services, especially webshop logistics, exclusively in cooperation with our logistics partner R-M-D in Mainaschaff.

The service portfolio offers you among other things

  • Webshop Organization
  • Acceptance of orders
  • Testing processes
  • Picture documentation
  • Multilevel picking
  • Article master data maintenance
  • Packaging of goods and products
  • Franking of items
  • Transport Management
  • Shipping to the end customer
  • Returns Management


For heavy goods and large-volume plants and products that are outside the scope of standard handling due to their dimensions and weight, we are at your disposal with the appropriate know-how and really heavy equipment, both logistically and in terms of transport technology.

We offer the following facilities/organisations:

  • Dismantling teams (Westarp)
  • Transport Management
  • Mobile crane applications
  • Trimodal terminals
  • Gantry crane systems for handling up to 400 tons
  • Low loader heavy transport
  • Own shipping traffic
  • Permit procurement and administration
  • Waste disposal organization (Westarp)


Every goods turnover in the logistics warehouse requires a physical transport of goods. We would very much like to "smuggle in" the incoming goods and products of our customers via alternative means of transport (container - rail/ship) - but unfortunately this is not always possible for infrastructural reasons.

For this reason, we offer truck transport (FTL/LTL) for the road transport of plant/warehouse shuttle and national distribution traffic. For this purpose we use our contracted transport partners as well as our own transport capacities of the WESTARP vehicle fleet.

This means that we have - at any time - your required vehicle capacity, if desired 7 days/week and 24 hours, available for you. This means that any production peaks and weekend production can be transferred to our logistics warehouse on schedule at any time.

The transport units used, whether transport partners or our own vehicle fleet, are exclusively vehicles of the latest pollutant standard or with the lowest possible emission of harmful CO². Because the reduction of pollutants is also one of our highest priorities in the transport sector.

For long-term logistics projects, we equip the semi-trailers used with automated roll-in/roll-out conveyor systems on request. These permanently installed systems guarantee an extremely high handling performance in continuous shuttle transport. In the dispatch plant and in the logistics warehouse, the counterpart of the automation system is reflected accordingly.

Our transport services:

  • Standard factory waste disposal / shuttle services (24/7)
  • Automated loading and unloading systems in the trailers
  • Use of long trucks / long trailers
  • Use of possible electric mobility (distance-dependent)
  • Container trucking (permissible total weight: 44 tons - combined transport)
  • National distribution traffic FTL / LTL
  • JOLODA deliveries
  • Service discharges (lifting platform / forklift truck)
  • Trailer presentations


Today, containers and container transport are an elementary part of world trade and many decades ago triggered a revolution in the movement of goods around the globe.

In the worldwide shipping of goods, approx. 90% of goods and products are transported in containers today - and the trend is rising!

For us this means, of course, to start the logistics process chain where we can make it tangible.

This begins, at the customer's request, with the takeover of overseas container units in international seaports.

For this purpose, we have our own and chartered shipping space in order to be able to carry out the container transit times and container transport in a more plannable and efficient manner and also independently of the disruptive influences of "third parties".

Services in shipping / container services:

  • Loading/stowage of sea container units
  • Unloading of sea container units
  • Own container handling
  • Container Trucking
  • Container ship transport
  • Container rental


For us, container organisation means being able to carry this out in a (feasible) whole for our customers. This goes hand in hand with the requirement to be able to manage the container units on our own and thus to be able to operate them as a whole.

This means that in addition to the ship's hold, the container trailers or vehicles, we also have our own reachstacker conveyor technology for truck and rail handling of the container units.

In order to be independent of the well-known large container hubs, we can handle your container units in the appropriate number at our existing handling points with our own equipment.